Why Quit?

What made you make the first step toward quitting? Is it because of your health and wellbeing, the social view on smoking, personal, wanting too own your own accord, have young children or the astronomical cost per year?

Cigarettes in Australia cost approximately $1.25 each. On average a smoker will smoke between 15 to 35 cigarettes per day.

15 cigarettes per day multiplied by 7 days equates to 105 cigarettes per week. If you smoke 105 cigarettes per week multiplied by 52 weeks per year, that equals 5,460 cigarettes per year. If you divide 5,470 cigarettes per year by 25 cigarettes per packet that equals 218.4 packets you will buy per year.
218.4 packets per year multiplied by $35.00 per packet that equals $7644.00 per year that you are currently spending on cigarettes. If you have smoked for 25 years, the total money you invested on something that could kill you is $191,100.00.

The Cigarette ​

In Tobacco smoke there is more than 4,000 Chemicals and many are known to cause serious disease and damage to nearly every organ in the body.

Smoking is responsible for nearly 20% of all deaths and 1 of the main causes of cancer. ​ ​

Some of the 4,000 Chemicals which are found in cigarette smoke include; ​

  • NICOTINE - Insecticide which shuts down the Nervous system.
  • Hydrogen Cyanide - Chemical Warfare Agent.
  • Acetone - Component of Nail Polish Remover.
  • Carbon Monoxide - Found in Car Exhaust Fumes.
  • Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) - A toxic pesticide.
  • Ammonia - A cleaner to remove grime.
  • Toluene - A Solvent used in Industry.
  • Polonium 210 - A Radioactive Agent used to remove Static Electricity in Machinery.
  • Methanol - Automotive Fuel.
  • Formaldehyde - Used to preserve the Deceased.
  • Tar - Used for Roads
  • Sugar - Approximately half a teaspoon of sugar per cigarette


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