Best Way to Quit Smoking

The Best Way to Quit Smoking

It is no secret that smoking comes with serious long-term health effects. As such, smokers are constantly looking for easy ways to quit smoking. It can be a minefield out there, however. From nicotine patches to e-cigarettes, there are many options when it comes to smoking replacement therapies. But some are more effective than others.

In this post, we discuss the best way to quit smoking for good.


Quit4Good is an innovative smoking replacement therapy course designed to help you quit smoking for life. It features all-natural oral troches (lozenges) that contain an alkaloid extract from a Laburnum tree – a natural nicotine antagonist. This extract works to disable the receptors that cause nicotine cravings, allowing you to live a smoke-free lifestyle. In addition to this, the naturally derived ingredients found in Quit4Good oral troches make them one the healthiest ways to quit.

The problem with many other smoking replacement therapies (gums, lozenges, and patches among them) is that they continue to provide users with nicotine – a highly addictive substance. Once smokers stop using these products, they begin to crave cigarettes once again, which only serves to continue the negative cycle.


Tips and Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

The Quit4Good oral troche, on the other hand, are nicotine-free and designed to eliminate cravings for good. Many users report that they stopped smoking just 5 days into the course and quit indefinitely by day 25.

The Quit4Good oral films are absorbed directly into the bloodstream with saliva and, therefore, bypass the digestive system. They are unlike anything else available today. Read what some Quit4Life users have to say about their experiences below:

Benefits of Quitting Smoking in Australia

  • “After about 20 years of smoking, I have finally stopped thanks to Quit4Good. It's been almost a month and it’s as if I was never a smoker. I train better, sleep better and have better peace of mind that I won't die from a smoking related illness.” - Carmela.
  • “Hi my name is Chris. L. from Sunshine North. I've been smoking for 38 years and have just started the quit for good program. I am now Smoke free for 35 days. I didn't think quitting could be so easy.” - Chris.
  • “I was a smoker for about 15 years, smoking around 20 cigarettes per day. Quit4Good was the easiest thing we have tried to quit smoking. I did the course with 3 family members and would recommend it to absolutely everyone! We all stopped smoking in 5 days and are now all smoke-free.” - George.


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The Nicotine FREE Oral Troches (lozenges) Course

The Easy and Healthy Way of Quitting Smoking

The Quit4Good smoking replacement course is by far the best way to quit smoking. Unlike many other smoking replacement therapies, the Quit4Good oral troches (lozenges) use all-natural ingredients to provide a healthy way to quit. Additionally, they contain zero nicotine, which adds to their level of effectiveness as the go-to smoking cessation method.

Watch how you can quit smoking in 25 days

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Quit smoking the easy way with our all-natural, nicotine-free oral troche (lozenge). It is 100% natural and it is manufactured right here in Australia.

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You may stop smoking after 5 days and quit for good after 25 days!*

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* Please Note: Results may vary from person to person. Whilst the vast majority of people who take Quit4Good as directed and for the full 25 day course are successful, we can give no guarantee that you will stop smoking.